What is Here 2 Work?

Connect and engage with your workers

Introducing a revolutionary way to connect companies and workers

Here2Work is a mobile application which, not only connects workers of all ages with employers, but also provides a comprehensive work management system which organizations can use to manage their entire labour force.

For organizations, Here2Work provides a safe and secure system to manage staff and schedules. Workers are assigned or offered a selection of shifts which can be confirmed directly from their smartphones, by email or by phone. Emergency shifts to cover illness or family emergencies can be sent out with a higher level of urgency based on the unique business rules of each organization such as order of seniority and compliance with Ministry standards. Here2Work automatically sends shift reminder notifications, with customizable duty information and can assist in navigation to an unfamiliar location. The system can also use GPS to check staff in and out of a location keeping employers updated when a task has been completed. In the event the organization requires direct communication with workers in real-time, Here2Work includes a secure chat function, encrypted from end to end, ensuring confidential communications are kept in complete security.

Here2Work allows control, flexibility and efficiency when scheduling. Employers can create and maintain large numbers of shifts in such a way that work is easily organized, assigned, sent out and accepted. Most importantly, Here2Work eases the stress of administrative functions by placing the app in the workers’ hands. Increased functionality is available for workers who decide to use the Here2Work mobile app (for Android or IOS).

Here2Work is extremely affordable and scalable for organizations of all sizes. In its simplest form, it brings workers and organizations together. Optimize your management of human capital and streamline the scheduling process. Work management has never been so easy.

Enhance your worker efficiency

A streamlined and flexible business tool

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